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It’s March 28th and…

this is how Shichinohe looks.

You may think it somewhat resembles how it looked in November. I guess Northern Japan doesn’t believe in Spring. It is pretty, though.

Other things:

I found ‘bee in Japan! There was an All Japan Ultimate Frisbee Tournament in Fuji City last weekend that required a 10 hour overnight bus and 3 hour car ride to reach. Totally worth it. I was the second tallest thing around, coming in just below Mt. Fuji, of which Fuji City has awesome views.

I bought a 100¥ cap at the 100¥ store. Not too exciting, but it helps control my ridiculous hair.

I’m headed to South Korea tomorrow!

One of my students caught me on the roof.

Peace never goes out of style


After Excavating the Top Layer: Surprisingly Edible

Maybe I should call them Creme Brulownies

Maybe I should call them "Creme Brulownies"

I Just Made Brownies in My Fish Broiler!



Unfortunately, the fire had extinguished itself by the time I got my camera.

I Was in a Play


  • Old man has an unattractive lump on his face.
  • He falls asleep in a shrine and wakes up to dancing oni (Japanese demons (in this case, ridiculously good-looking demons)).
  • He starts dancing with them. They like his style. They want him to join them the next night, so they take his lump as collateral.
  • Mean old lady hears of this and sends her mean husband (who also has a lump) to the oni.
  • When oni arrive, mean old man starts dancing. They don’t like his style.

What happens to the mean old man? Find out here!

“Bacon?!” Addendum

In addition to extra crunchy peanut butter, I also bought Samuel Adams beer in Misawa. Delicious Samuel Adams…

I tend to leave groceries in the cold part of the apartment since it acts as a big fridge. Today, I did some laundry and hung my clothes to dry in the warm room. The drying clothes tend to make the warm room a little humid, so I opened it up to the rest of the apartment to decrease the moisture. As a bonus, the rest of the apartment slowly heats, making it quite nice after a shower to not have to step out into the Arctic (I don’t do this all the time because I’m impatient and would rather have one room heat quickly than the whole apartment heat slowly). Anyway, tonight I decided to congratulate myself on doing laundry rather than resorting to reusing boxers (kidding!..maybe), so I grabbed a Sam Adams. Popped off the cap and had the first sip of a beer I’ve been craving for several months.