Week Two Stats

Week 2 Stats:

Starting city: Elk Garden, VA

Ending city: Mason, OH

Total distance traveled (by bike): 203 miles

Total distance to date: 485 miles

Days on the bike: 4

Day in Ohio: 3

Average per day of riding: 51 miles

Shortest day: 36 miles

Longest day: 59 miles

Distance in Steve’s pickup: 50 miles!

Top speed: 44 mph! (entering the Daniel Boone National Forest in KY)

Total money spent: $36.80

Average per day: $5.25

State most warned about by fellow cyclists for loose dogs: Kentucky

Dogs that chased my bike: 6

Amount of pepper spray used: None (yelling seems to work)

Number of times I was declined when asking to camp on people’s property: 2

Number of bees buzzing angrily when I knocked on one of their doors: Dozens (a beehive was hiding in a wreath on the front door!)

Degrees of mountain views in southeastern KY: 360

Food consumed at the Morehead Mexican restaurant: a full belly’s worth…and then some.

Amazing Couchsurfing hosts: 2

Future Couchsurfing hosts: Definitely, but none quite like Steve and Carol


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