Easing Back on the Road

Written on Friday, 7/8/11

Beneath a tree in Morgantown, IN.

After a week of rest, relaxation, and ridiculously delicious food with my family in Ohio, it was time to hit the road again. First stop was a smooth 30 miles into Cincinnati to see some fraternity brothers. I rode the Little Miami River Trail for most of it; not only beautiful, but awesomely automobile-free. Also saw a couple recumbent cyclists, the first I’ve seen on this trip (one even helped me with directions; how I got lost on a bike trail is beyond me…I’m surprised I’ve made it to Indiana). That night, my friend Dan, myself, and some other guys shared pizza and played Hold ‘Em. Let it be known – I am no good at poker; didn’t win a single pot (Taka, my pro poker friend from the JET Program, is shaking his head as he reads this). I’m not complaining, though, because Dan had paid my buy-in as his donation to the trip. Thanks for hosting me buddy, and sorry to lose all your money!

The next day I visited my friend Jeremiah from Outward Bound in Sunman, IN. Pretty uneventful 40-mile ride, other than getting my first taste of touring in 90 degree heat, 120% humidity. Besides being constantly soaked, it wasn’t all that bad; just glad I carry 3 liters of water with plenty of opportunities to refill.

Jeremiah (Miah for short) recently moved back home after Outward Bound to begin a two-year ultrasound program at Cincinnati State. His family’s house is surrounded by cornfields, though they themselves own horses. At one point, Miah’s mother ran a Pony Camp with 16 horses for people to ride; now, it has dwindled to a donkey and miniature pony (“lawn ornaments” as they’re referred to).

I also met Miah’s father briefly, who was busy preparing to take part in a week-long cattle in Wyoming. It was a very relaxing evening, highlighted by a delicious mother-made Mexican lasagna, a 6-pack of Fat Tire beer Miah and I split as we watched Cool Hand Luke (turns out the New Belgian brewery which makes Fat Tire is in Fort Collins, CO, right along my route…definitely stopping by.), and playing Wii Mariokart with his 11 year old cousin, Abigail. We placed 11th and 12th, out of 12. Thanks for hosting me, Miah, and thanks for the tip about wifi in McDonalds’!

Now I’m chilling beneath a tree with a cemetery to my left, a trailer park to my right, and a Dollar General across the street. Definitely not the same as hanging out with friends, losing poker pots, drinking beer, and sleeping in warm beds, but such is life on the road. Night!


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  1. “how I got lost on a bike trail is beyond me…I’m surprised I’ve made it to Indiana.”

    mmmmmmm mmmmmmm mmmmmm….


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