Week Four Stats

Week 4 Stats:

Starting city: Morgantown, IN

Ending city: Gerald, MO

Total distance traveled: 362 miles

Total distance to date: 990 miles

Days on the bike: 5

Days in St. Louis: 2

Average per day of riding: 72 miles

Shortest day: 64 miles

Longest day: 86 miles! (getting to my hosts in St. Louis was a bit further than I thought)

Total money spent: $29

Average per day: $3.80

Biscuits (#) and gravy (lbs.) consumed this week: 7 and a few pounds

Words spoken by the Amish girl: 0

Sugar in two Pepsi cans: 82 grams

States biked through with “Excessive Heat Warnings”: 3

Temperature reading outside a bank in Illinois: 102 degrees

Highest heat index: 120 degrees

Water consumed in that heat: 6-7 liters

Bike repairs: 2 (broken screw on front rack and brake rubbing rear wheel)

St. Louis hosts: Edward’s aunt, uncle, and cousins

Space for me to use: A whole house! (they were moving between homes)

How cooked my burger was at an Irish pub Edward’s uncle took me for lunch: Practially still mooing…perfect

Concretes consumed at the famous Ted Drewe’s Frozen Custard: 1 Large

Bunk beds constructed for Edward’s cousin: 1 (well I guess 2 beds, but 1 piece of furniture…you get it)

Food given to me upon my St. Louis departure: Bagels, pizza, chips, peanuts, and granola bars

Amazing people met: More than I could have imagined


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