Week Five Stats

Week 5 Stats:

Starting city: Gerald, MO

Ending city: Concordia, KS

Total distance traveled: 412 miles

Total distance to date: 1402 miles

Days on the bike: 6

Days in Lee’s Summit: 1

Average per day of riding: 69 miles

Shortest day: 65 miles

Longest day: 78 miles

Total money spent: $63

Average per day: $9

Number of water bottle sprays it takes to wake me up at 6am: 1

Name of ice cream flavor in Jefferson City: Caramel Chunk Gooiness Explosion in your Mouth (actually, I forget, but that’s what I would name it)

Flats: 1

Miles before first flat: 1200!

Hotel lobbies whose internet I used: 1 Hampton Inn

Free food consumed in hotel lobby: 2 Apple Cinnamon oatmeal packets and cup of hot chocolate (not that I needed warming up, but the sugar alone was worth it)

Reaction to Allison telling me about southern California’s “Carmaggedon”: Laughter (shutting down the 405 for 10 miles?! Crazy!)

Amount of taco salad consumed: More taco than salad, but enormous quantities of both

Knowledge accumulated about bike racing: Immeasurable

Convinced by Greg and Allison to get out on the road early to avoid the heat: Yes, despite loving to sleep in, I love avoiding heat stress more.

Grocerbrary’s parking lot wireless signal: 4 bars

Tire tubes bought at the Manhattan bike shop: 4, two for my wheels, two spare

Longest stretch between towns of nothing but farmland and prairie: 40 miles
Shot to start off Peggy’s mother’s birthdaycelebration: something licorice-tasting and delicious.
Blue Moon: Imbibed
Pizza: Demolished
Farmland stars: Beautiful

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