Week Seven Stats

Week 7 Stats:

Starting city: Denver, CO

Ending city: Jeffrey City, WY

Total distance traveled: 334 miles

Total distance to date: 2181 miles

Days on the bike: 5

Day in Denver: 2

Average per day of riding: 67 miles

Shortest day: 58 miles

Longest day: 82 miles

Total money spent: $49

Average per day: $7

Animals consumed in Denver: cow, chicken, pig, whatever’s in chorizo sausage

Cinnamon crumble muffins consumed at Aaron’s mom’s house: 3…and one after dinner…and one the next morning

% change in cloud appearance at 8,000 ft: 100% bigger and puffier

Recliners slept in: 1 (no space for air mattress in CouchSurfing host Sandra’s place, but surprisingly comfortable)

Wyoming winds: Ferocious

Direction: Sometimes from the north, sometimes from the west, usually northwest

In my face all day every day: Yep

Times woken by train horns in Medicine Bow, WY: About once an hour (note to self: always check proximity to rail crossing before setting up tent)

Miles ridden on Interstate 80: 20! (not bad at all, actually – giant shoulder, smooth road, and direct route to Rawlins, WY)

Distance of bike races CouchSurfing host Rick usually competes in: 400 miles!

Blueberry pancakes consumed at Rick’s: 10? 12? They were too good to keep count.

Jeffrey City experience: Indescribably awesome (but I’ll try anyway in a future post)


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Phil and Beth on August 14, 2011 at 9:15 pm


    We are all pulling for you on your journey in support of your dad.

    Our best to you and your family…

    Phil and Beth, Kim and Rob, Cari and Joshua.


  2. thank you Brandon, I am just editing the video I shot of you and had to come back and check the addy of your blog. Hope all is well and since you’re one of my tweeps, I’ll tweet you the link of the vid you’re in when it gets posted…. Safe travels!


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