Week Eight Stats

Week 8 Stats:

Starting city: Jeffrey City, WY

Ending city: Arco, ID

Total distance traveled: 478 miles

Total distance to date: 2659 miles

Random display of speed/distance on my bike computer: Speed – 7t km/hr; Distance – t8ll_…yeah, it’s on the fritz again.

Days on the bike: 7

Average per day of riding: 68 miles

Shortest day: 60 miles

Longest day: 76 miles

Top speed: 78 mph (considering my face is still attached to my skull, that was my bike computer acting up again, though I did get into the 40’s in Grand Teton)

Highest elevation: 9600 ft. passing over Togwotee Pass on the way to Grand Teton Park

Total money spent: $67

Average per day: $9.60

Touring cyclists met: Tons, now that I’m back on the TransAm:

  • Dave, already mentioned. I forgot to add that he likes listening to techno on the bike, keeping cadence with the beat.
  • Frank – pulled up to me as I was munching on lunch on the side of the road. Older man riding from Montana to Tennessee. He’s crossing the country in segments.
  • Stacy and Sylvia – met them at a rest stop. Stacy was riding from Lander to Jackson, WY and back to climb the Grand Teton (whoa!) with a few friends. Stacy was joining her for the first 75 miles to Dubois. I met them in Dubois with a couple of their friends for pizza. They are a fun group of women – to give you an idea of their sense of humor, Stacy and Sylvia wanted to make shirts that say on the front, “Wind” and the back, “We like it from behind.” Also, turns out they know both Byron, the Jeffrey City potter who lent me his aquatic caravan for the night, and Juan, my CouchSurfing host in Lander. I guess in a small enough town, everyone knows everyone.
  • Adam and Christy – newly married couple met on the way into Grand Teton Park. They’re riding through all 50 states! They had been on the road for 7 months and I believe had checked off 43 states. Their plan was to get to Seattle, catch a ferry for Alaska, bike around up there, then take a plane to Hawaii to finish it off! Makes a simply cross-country trip look pretty ho-hum in comparison. Their website: http://www.giveabike.com/
  • Two Chinese guys – met right after the couple. They’re riding from Yellowstone to Utah, I think (their English wasn’t great). One of the guys had a suitcase strapped on his bike! He described Grand Teton campsites as “mosquito heaven.” He was right.
  • Phil – met in West Yellowstone. Louisiana to Yellowstone? (His thick accent was nearly as difficult to distinguish as the Chinese guys.) I gave him my ticket to the Yellowstone and Grand Teton parks, just in case.
  • Jeremy – met in the high desert of Idaho. Looked around my age, with a much wilder beard. Riding from Portland to live at his brother’s place in the Colorado woods. “Living in a city, no matter how progressive, eventually wears on you. I needed a break to return to nature.”
  • Darrell and David – met right after Jeremy. Two firefighters riding from San Francisco to NYC with a support vehicle. They were being interviewed by a television crew when I stopped to say hi. “You’re going to be on TV!” Daryll yelled, as the camera panned toward me. Celebrity status, here I come! (Turns out they’re staying at fire stations across the country and plan to arrive in New York on 9/11 in honor of the 343 firefighters who died in the attcks.) Their website: http://www.bay2brooklyn2011.org
  • and many others that

Leftovers eaten from CouchSurfing host Juan’s photography reception: Several platefuls

Money given to me by a motocyclists outside a McDonalds to “get yourself some McNuggets”: $5

Food given to me by Stacy before heading back to Lander: Bag of pretzels, peanut M&M’s, and animal crackers!

Miles driven in the pilot car through a massive road construction project on the way to Grand Teton park: 6

Food found in the bear box upon arriving at my campsite in Colter Bay, Grand Teton: 3 cans of soda and organic canned beans. Dinner bonus!

Bubbly stuff in Yellowstone: Lots – geysers, mud pots, hot springs, people

Continental Divide crossed: 6 times! I didn’t even know what the Divide was until a boy, who looked no older than 16 but already had his pilot’s license, informed me that rivers to the west of it flow into the Pacific, to the east into the Atlantic. Cool!




Nights camped on the front deck of Wind River Gear Store in Dubois, WY: 1

Nights camped in Targhee National Forest in Idaho: 1 (found out you can camp anywhere in a national forest as long as you’re 30 feet from a dirt road, or some such rule)

Flats: 1 (didn’t pop the tube trying to put it back in this time, but after I patched it, I discovered a second hole, said screw it and used a new tube anyway)

Snacks for the road made by CouchSurfing host Anne: two tortilla wrapped peanut butter, pecan butter, honey, granola, banana tasties! And dehydrated banana-coconut bars – didn’t know such things existed!


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