Words: Wyoming

Wind Wind Wind – I started riding earlier in the morning in the Midwest to avoid to heat; in Wyoming, it’s to delay the brutal headwinds.

High elevation – on average, I stayed between 5,500 and 7,000 feet throughout the state. The sun is more intense, though it’s deceptively cool during the day.

Sneaky mosquitos – you pull into a shady spot to rest and are immediately swarmed by the hidden buggers

Prancing deer antelope pronghorns (I was corrected twice on their species)

Town Signs – show the town name, sometimes the population, and always the elevation, so you know just how high in the sky you are

Native American influenced – both in the geographical sites and town names, such as the town of Crowheart, whose name came from…

Campers/Trailers/RV’s – in Wyoming, 1 in 4 vehicles; in the parks, 3 in 4

Big hills – the combination with wind can make for intense climbs

High desert – through most of the state, sparse fields and shrubs as far as the eye can see…

…but as you get further north: canyons, buttes, rivers, forests, mountains. Spectacular.

Overall, my toughest state, though it had the most beautiful varied scenery.


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