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Hello Again!

Hello again long lost readers! And greetings newcomers!

A new adventure awaits, and judging by the picture above, it will be a long one. Katherine and I will begin hiking the Appalachian Trail this March, starting in Springer Mtn., Georgia. We hope to make it to Mt. Katahdin, Maine by September. You can follow our adventure on our new blog: Nice Day for a Hike. For other inquiries, let me guide you.

  • For my 2 year stint as an extremely tall English teacher in Japan, start here.
  • Regarding how to avoid being bitten by dogs in Kentucky on one’s cross-country bike ride, go here.
  • And according to my blog statistics, the most popular search word that leads people here has very little to do with this blog. If you’ve come here to learn about that, I suggest studying this picture.

Happy trails!