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If anyone was curious about what living in the lap of luxury looks like, here is a tour of my 8 room + patio home.

The Grand Entrance

Upon entering, guests are allowed ample floor space to remove their footwear in true Japanese fashion. Umbrella storage is included for those drizzly days.

The Living Room

Includes a 20", medium-definition TV with 11 channels (6 of which repeat) and, if you tune in at precisely the right time of day, a 30-minute children's education show in *gasp* English.

The Master Bedroom

Although bearing a striking resemblance to The Living Room, The Master Bedroom has a much cozier feel with the presence of the extra-long, thick-blanketed, boyish-looking-pillow-cased futon.

The Patio

With a stunning view of parking lots and rice fields, The Patio can accommodate two people comfortably, three if they're friendly. It also includes an extendible clothes-drying pole to infuse one's wardrobe with that sweet Shichinohe scent.

America Wall

No American living in a foreign country is complete without a wall dedicated to home sweet home. This one boasts memories of family, friends, hobbies, and a particularly unforgettable road trip.

The Kitchen

To the left: refrigerator, microwave, and toaster oven. To the right: stovetop, rice cooker, and soy sauce. In the middle: sink, shelves, and cantaloupe. Iron Chef would be jealous.

The Dining Room

A friendly table for two that ushers in the Autumn season with a pumpkin centerpiece.

The Guest Bedroom

Conveniently located at arms length from the pumpkin, rice cooker, and vacuum, The Guest Bedroom provides the perfect location for late night snacking and the tools necessary for crumb removal.

The Wash Room

Sink, washer, and handicap-friendly bathroom. In soothing taupe.

The Shower Room

Literally. One can be anywhere within The Shower Room to shower. Not accustomed to such freedom, your host needed a couple of tries before venturing outside the tub.

There you have it. I hope you enjoyed the tour. Of course, in true Cribs fashion, I can’t leave you without showing off my ride. So, without further ado…

The Road Warrior

This menacing hunk of metal boasts a grocery carriage, self-powered headlight, slightly short seat, and enough mileage left to get lost in Shichinohe for ANOTHER three hours.